Инструкция wistler 130

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The greater part of shoppers acclaims the Whistler xtr-130 capacity to identify police radar and laser signs before visual contact are made. Read User Reviews Of The Whistler XTR 140 Here If you have a radar detector in your vehicle, you are being proactive in protecting yourself against a speeding ticket. If you don’t, well you’d better pay attention to the speedometer. The lights are bright enough to alert drivers even in sunny conditions and provide a good backup plan when audible alerts cannot be heard over the sound of your radio. The Whistler XTR 140 alerts you to the presence of VG-2 detectors active in the area and helps cloak your device from detecting by police. Pros of the Whistler XTR 140 Radar Detector The Whistler XTR 140 lives up to the reputation of its predecessors from Whistler. Once I got it and started using it, I loved it.

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