Elm327 v1.5 инструкция

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There are many sellers who know little to nothing about the device, sell low quality or defective units that don’t work and even fail to even provide any setup instructions what-so-ever. Для работы программы необходимо установить Microsoft FrameWork 3.5. Возможности управления: Обороты ХХ, базовая топливоподача ХХ, базовая топливоподача раб.реж, реле вентилятора, реле кондиционера, лампа диагностики, топливное реле. Open easy EasyOBD-II (this can be downloaded from our website) and connect to the COM-Port. The software was written by Jim Pollock (Turbo3 on the mynissanleaf forum). The latest version can be downloaded here. 3 versions are available. Although these pirate clones may contain the ELM327 v1.0 code, they may falsely report the version number as the current version provided by the genuine ELM327, and in some cases report an as-yet non-existent version.

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