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Most sebaceous glands wrap around one of the millions of fine hairs that line your body. You’ll find hundreds of freshly shed skin cells preserved for your inspection.The Creature That Eats Your SkinIt turns out that your skin flakes have yet another name: lunch. That’s why some people in their sixties look like they’re in their thirties, much to the chagrin of everyone around them. If you want a quick prediction of how your skin will fare over the next few decades, look at your parents. Even one time use, I noticed my feet feels much softer & s… more item description Brand: Emjoi The Micro-Pedi removes dead, dry skin from the feet while leaving healthy, pretty feet to admire. Your genes have the greatest say in deciding how elastic your skin is, and how long it stays relatively smooth and unwrinkled. The best advice is to use sunscreen in conjunction with all the good advice in this list.Avoid tanning beds.

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