Digitech gsp1101 инструкция

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With all the features and great tone it packs, it’s no surprise that it’s been a favorite of artists such as Dave Mustaine and Dweezil Zappa. The ability to run 6 types of effects at once still gives you a generous number of tonal combinations to play with. However you play, if you own a DigiTech GSP1101, dramatically expand your control with the Control 2 remote foot controller. The GSP1101 I/O includes all the connections needed for onstage or studio flexibility. Despite having layers of menus, navigation is about as simple as it gets. Muddy, dialed-down signals are a thing of the past with the GSP1101. This preamp comes with over 120 models including stompbox overdrives, preamps, amps, and studio quality effects, giving you access to a wide array of tonal variations.

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