Инструкция к мфу hp laserjet pro m1132

Название файла: arq_oficinas_instalacao_impressora.pdf
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Количество загрузок: 1814
Скачать: arq_oficinas_instalacao_impressora.pdf
Зеркало: chip-list.pdf

All commands are run as root by code in core_install.py. This will fix URIs that have a trailing «_» character in the model name. Removed world read permissions on backends in packages. Fixed Normal Grayscale on DJ8xx and DJ8x5 for hpcups.drv. hp-setup (Qt3) will not allow device type filters to be used if scan or fax is diabled. Added more information about file format and build process. Hpssd is started automatically when needed by HPLIP. Removed HPIJS makefile.

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