B&w pv1 инструкция

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You can also download B&W’s SubApp software (Windows only) and use that program’s graphical user interface to customize the PV1D’s settings. Also, if it is a bigger cabinet, that explains the deeper extension for a given efficiency as well. Upgrade to AirPlay streaming AirPlay – Apple’s wireless audio/video streaming technology – allows you to stream over your wireless network from your iOS device or any computer running iTunes. However, it does include an output socket to power an active subwoofer, so if you listen in an especially large room – or if you fancy an even weightier sound in a smaller space – an active sub is worth considering as an upgrade. It’s easy to add in. But by introducing a digital dimension for the upgraded PV1D, we think we’ve gone one better.The PV1D’s inherent stability means it can be pushed just that bit further. Since you’ll be crossing these over at 80 Hz, this should be plenty of bass extension.

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