Инструкция на генератор reg gg 3300

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Бензиновый генератор GG 10000-X3 9 кВт/380В с двигателем E3 POWER REG 680 Бензиновые генераторы GG 10000 X3 9 кВт для резервного электроснабжения загородных домов. Pull the choke out slightly, hit the starter button and BINGO, it started right up each time. Instructions give the sizes for ratchet needed but I just used crescent wrenches. Date published: 2016-08-18 Rated 2 out of 5 by DusappoinedCustomer from This new generator was unable to start due to a defective safety feature in the fuel system. Electric starts are almost instant. A key item for me was compatibilily with my APC Smart UPS 1500 backup systems that I use for my computers and aquariums (fish die with no power for heat and filtration). No problems running the three UPS units from the generator.

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