Инструкция по адаптеру елм 327

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Независимо от успешности поиска на предыдущих шагах, настало время отыскать сам диагностический разъем. Performance differences between v1.4 and v1.5 scanners and likely not noticeable, the bulk impact of the update was in terms of reliability. Please be sure to check that your vehicle has an OBD2 port. If you cannot find the OBD2 adapter plug check under the hood of the vehicle for a sticker noting that the vehicle is OBD-II compliant. The case is most likely that the scanner you purchased is defective. It should be exchanged for a working unit. New : Elm Electronics have just released version 2.1 of their ELM327 circuit. ReplyRyan19 Months AgoIts rather difficult to know which brands are knock offs and which aren’t. Any chance you could add a paragraph concerning that?

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