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The process is kind of like compiling and flashing ROMs to your Android device. We need to work on Windows. Make sure to check the known supported devices in order to get one that will work.The developer of the code recommends us to use any version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or higher to compile the tools and SDCC for building custom firmware. Конференция → Модули памяти Ремонт USB flash drive (прочтите первую страницу!) (часть 02) Кураторы: LexaNik // Теги: faq, ремонт usb flash, не отформатирован, не определяется, неверный размер, защищен от записи. Operation steps ■Step 1. Unpack the compressed file to C:\ ■Step 2. Insert the USB device ■Step 3. Download and click ORU.exe.

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