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Естественное тонирование седины для мужчин №6 (темный блондин) 1х 50мл 170 грн. 1 шт.3 шт. Explore our complete collection of hair colour products and transform your look today with the help of your expert colourist. Остальное пусть сами Нужно дать им денег в долг, и пусть потихоньку возвращают. When it comes to soothing your face, this balm is more than up to the task. Wear latex or plastic gloves, and use a brush to apply the mixture evenly to the base of the hair strands and then throughout the hair for 100 percent coverage. If applying for the first time, cover the midlength strands with the mixture, ending about 1 inch from the scalp.

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