Regexp delphi инструкция

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Easy Re-ordering (or deleting) of Questions and Groups Prior to version 1.92, you could not re-order questions or groups if LimeSurvey thought that such-re-ordering could break conditions in which they were used. These control aspects like min/max numbers of answers; min/max individual values; min/max sum values; and checking that entered values match specified string patterns. Another thing to keep in mind is that backslash continuation and comments do not mix. As soon as awk sees the ‘#’ that starts a comment, it ignores everything on the rest of the line. Если символы { } не образуют квантификатор, их специальное значение игнорируется. Простое сравнение Любой символ совпадает с самим собой, если он не относится к специальным метасимволам описанным чуть ниже.

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