Samsung es95 white инструкция

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Samsung Smart WB250F: This model comes with a 14.2 MP Point & Shoot unit with 24 mm wide-angle lens, 3 inch Hybrid touch display and 2 years of warranty. Also included is a cursory quick start pamphlet, with the main instructional ‘meat’ provided via the full manual on CD ROM only. Самсунг обещает, купишь нашу технику, проблем знать не будешь. Smart Auto Mode is helpful if you are not familiar with the camera settings for various scenes. Page 71 Transferring files to your Windows computer Using Intelli-studio The Intelli-studio allows you to play back and edit files. Again, as with the SH100, there isn’t a dedicated video record button on the ST95, a now expected feature on even the humblest of compacts, a virtual one has been provided instead.

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