Инструкция 3ds max

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The object matter of the distributed objects corresponds with that of the original ones. Do not remove original objects after their selection for MultiScatter. It is recommended to deactivate their «Renderable» option. This allows the application of the generated objects with any render engine different from V-Ray and Mental Ray.Select Objects allows you to select all objects at the scene that are generated on the basis of the same MultiScatter object. Place them so that their combined volume is repeating the shape of your vehicle. Зайдите в утилиту CityTraffic2 в раздел Vehicle Setup, выберите тип транспортного средства — автомобиль, автобус или грузовик. При отсутствии необходимости вращать объекты вокруг какой-либо оси, снимите соответствующую галочку.

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